What is PNAG?

The PNAG Rental Guarantee is a government provided contract which is signed alongside the rental contract, to guarantee both parties (owner & tenant) that all legal rights and all terms outlined in the rental contract, such as:

  • Non-payment of rent
  • Non-payment of utility and other bills
  • Damage caused to the property and/or it's contents
  • Immediate recovery of the property in case of breach of contract
  • Unauthorized building work carried out in the property
  • Unauthorized sub-rental of the property by the tenant.

are being adhered to, without the need for a lawyer, and eliminating all legal expenses.

What's the cost?

The PNAG Rental Guarantee has a one off price for each agreement (approx 65€).

The only additional costs are responsibility of the guilty party found in the arbitral sentence and are 90€ for expenses, and 55€ for administrative notifications.


Rental Guarantee


The Rental Guarantee is the only official form Guaranteed Rental Plan (PNAG) in The Court of Arbitration. Attached to any lease (house, room, building, etc..) Between individuals or corporations, for the duration of the contract, guaranteeing the citizen who, if any conflict arises between tenant and landlord, it judging will be resolved in an efficient and agile, and with all the strength that carries a sentence of the firm and enforceable.

The form of the rental guarantee can be incorporated into the lease at any time during its duration as well as retroactive and does not prescribe. The Rental Guarantee is recognized by various institutions nationally and internationally, as the Bank of Spain proposed the alternative arbitration and Rental Guarantee Arbitration Court as one of the most effective measures to significantly reduce the time to execute a eviction while the International Monetary Fund has supported those initiatives specifically for this character and for improving the efficiency and transparency of the property market in Spain.

Through our institutional commitment to quality, it manages to avoid the damage caused by delays in the justice system. With our commitment to quality, each case is tried within 30 days, counting from its inception until sentencing, and if it is delayed one day, the Court of Arbitration responsible advancing the amounts claimed to the plaintiff, getting calm and confidence in the system.


Simply attach the form Rental Guarantee to lease more like a simple procedure. If any problems arise during the lease (eg non-payment of rents) and any party wants to enforce their rights (including the recovery of the property), only has to deal with the complaint without requiring the intervention of a solicitor and barrister and without having to pay any additional amount.


Two bed apartment

Two bed apartment

Price: (€)1,200

More Info
Penthouse with fantastic sea and mountain views, extends to 106m2. Spacious and light with 2 double bedrooms, 2 Super King Size beds or can convert to 4 twin beds. The master bedroom has en suite bathroom. One walk-in shower room. Tasteful decor, double leather sofa beds in the lounge & 2 futons. Glossy black 32 inch LCD in lounge,LCD TVs in bedrooms, UK Cable, 3 DVD's. Fully equipped kitchen with chrome appliances includes fridge freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, ice machine, toaster, kettle, microwave, Espresso machine, Jug blender. The wrap around terrace is a huge 136m2 with BBQ, furnished with sun beds, marble table, lots of chairs, heater, hammock, shower, hot tub, bar. Part of the terrace is covered for Al fresco dining in the Costa Del Sol's microclimate. As the penthouse is on the top floor, this allows lots of privacy and exceptional views of the mountains to one side, pretty hillside villas another side and best of all views across the Mediterranean where you can see the cruise ships passing in the night!
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